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Nirvana Neck Rest

Nirvana Neck Rest


The Nirvana Neck Rest is an ingenious, Chiropractor-Approved hammock for your neck. To use the Nirvana Neck Rest, simply find a door handle or railing, attach the hook, lie down and rest your head in the hammock. Then relax!

How it works…

The Nirvana Neck Rest uses the concept of “cervical traction”, the process of gently ‘lifting’ the neck to open up the muscles and allow more blood flow and oxygen to circulate to your nerves, joints, and tendons.

The result is quick and effortless relief from neck, shoulder and even back pain, reduced tension and stiffness, and improved posture. It also helps fight against the dreaded “tech-neck” (the result of spending too much time looking down at your phone, tablet or laptop!).

The Nirvana Neck Rest is strong, durable, supremely comfortable, and manufactured to the highest of international standards.

Just 10 minutes a day is all it takes to start feeling the benefits of the Nirvana Neck Rest!

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