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  • Reduce snoring and sleep apnea
  • Enjoy a more restful night’s sleep
  • Support daytime energy levels
  • Promote better all-round health

The SlumberStrap uses exclusive BreatheEZ Technology to unblock and open the airway, preventing the irregular airflow and soft palette vibrations which cause snoring.

Made from luxuriously soft fabric, this doctor-approved device is a medical-grade snoring solutionlike no other, and promises a peaceful, silent night for both the wearer and their partner!

How it works…

Simply slip the SlumberStrap under your chin, securing the strap on top of your head. The BreatheEZ Technology then works its magic by gently cradling the lower jaw, opening up the airway, and preventing the vibrations which cause snoring. As a result, anyone can enjoy restful, silent, and snore-free sleep!

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